My Favourite Dietitian Memes

I’m a fan of a good meme, I must admit it probably defines a lot of the online experience of many a millennial. As expected, my absolute favourite memes are the ones that incorporate that dietitian humour (also shout out to Dietitian Humor on Facebook for all their funnies).

So here’s a collection of my favourites, for all my fellow students, practising dietitians or if you just want to know what we laugh at online.

Of course, these are all just for a laugh, just like any job there are funny and/or frustrating parts about it that doesn’t mean I don’t love my future profession.

Let’s get the simple things right first… yep, there is no “c”. We have to study dietetics to be a dietitian. It takes practice to say, but you’ll get it!

Image: Felicity Curtain

Please don’t call us nutritionists, they mean different things – see my post here.

Chew the Facts

And yes, it takes 4-5 years to be a dietitian, so naturally, we get a bit ticked off when people say they’re a “wellness guru” or “nutrition expert” with one of those online courses.

Image: Pinterest

Often what those people tend to advise looks a little like this.

Image: Pinterest

It’s pretty awkward when you get the low albumin referral because it’s not an objective indicator of malnutrition, and you complete your assessment and your patient is just FINE.

Image: Dietitian Humor

When patients are actually malnourished and you’re up on the ward searching for samples, this is what usually happens.

Image: Pinterest

We’ve all had some of those unpleasant experiences on placement at least once…

Image: Dietitian Humor

When you hear patients telling you they’ve gone gluten free, dairy free, sugar free (a.k.a FUN free) without clinical indication. Believe it or not, we actually LOVE food, this doesn’t impress me.

Image: Pinterest

When you’re trying to check the teeth situation so you can order the right texture diet for the patient and you get these ones.

Zebra Teeth
Image: @rn_mfkrs_ on Instagram

What is up with excessive unnecessary food packaging?

Image: Dietitian Humor

And when you’re at personal social gatherings and someone asks you about Dr. Oz, or Keto-Peto or some other celebrity that has no dietetic qualifications.

Image: Dietitian Humor

Hope you enjoyed, if you find anymore amusing nutrition/dietetic memes, feel free to send them my way!



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