Three Smoothie Ideas

Smoothies are a great way to start your morning, or a healthy snack throughout the day, especially for those on the go. They pack a lot of punch in terms of nutrients, that you can chug down in your car on the way to work.

I’ve recently been experimenting with a few smoothie ideas since I got my little On-The-Go Sunbeam Blender. Here are some of my ideas:

(1) The Berry One

Cranberry juice/Milk/Water
Frozen mixed berries
Ginger (if you like)
Fresh passionfruit pulp (after blending!)

Berry Smoothie

(2) The Green One

1 Banana
Frozen Mango (5-6 pieces)
Handful of baby spinach
Coconut water/water/milk of your choice

Green Smoothie

(3) The Breakfast-y One

1 Banana
Milk/Almond Milk (it makes it taste nuttier – but it’s pretty expensive and totally not necessary, choose whatever milk substitute you like)
Almond Butter
1 tbsp Your Favourite Breakfast Muesli (I like to exclude the dried fruit…)
1 tsp Honey

Breakfast Smoothie

In every smoothie, I include a few things to boost the protein and fibre content. You could add protein powder of your choice to any of these. I like to add chia seeds (extra protein and fibre), golden flax meal (fibre and omega-3s), maca powder (vitamins, women’s health and gives you energy – make sure you don’t have this every day, it’s best to rotate days).

Happy smoothie making!


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